• CRV also selects the top bulls for health and efficiency in the USA

    CRV has already been an active player with its own branch in the United States for 12 years. And while CRV might be just a minor player in the major league of the world's largest breeding population, it is currently showing stronger growth than fellow AI organisations. The message of health and efficiency is apparently also gaining ground with American farmers.
  • Milk from the first New Zealand Jerseys from Overlord PP in the Netherlands

    If you decide to completely revolutionise your herd management system, then also you need cows that perform best in the new system. This was the main reason for Jelle Hakvoort, who owns a dairy farm in Rutten, to start replacing his HF herd with crossbred cows. He is now well on the way towards a 100% Jersey herd. This makes the Hakvoort-Haarman farm partnership one of the first farms to milk a Jersey herd with a New Zealand pedigree.
  • Range of polled bulls grows in length and breadth

    Twelve years ago, CRV decided to introduce the polledness trait into the Holstein breeding programme. This involved investing immediately on bulls that could compete with horned bulls in terms of breeding values. This has resulted in a strong, wide range of bulls with P and PP behind their names.
  • Breeding for feed efficiency increases utilisation of roughage intake

    A higher feed efficiency is directly linked to better roughage utilisation. This is the concision of researchers from the Animal Breeding and Genomics group at Wageningen Livestock Research based on analysis of a data set containing the feed intake, weight and milk production data of more than 3000 cows.
  • Polled bulls from CRV show strength and components

    The August 2021 index run shows the strength of CRV's breeding program when it comes farmers' wishes. Once again, this run shows a large number of top bulls that carry the polled gene. What's more, farmers who want to breed fast for component-rich milk and efficient and trouble-free producing dairy cows have even more choice. Bulls that were frontrunners for health and efficiency as a genomic bull confirm this with the performance of their daughters in this run.