• ‘The bond we have with our cows is really special’

    ‘Ever since I was a child, my family helped out on the farm: my brother was on the tractor, my sisters helped with the cats, goats and rabbits, and I loved being among the cows. I’ve always enjoyed helping out with the cows. And I’d say that is still the case, even now that I co-own the farm with my parents and we work together every day. We know all of our cows individually. Even from a distance, we can see exactly which cow is on heat or which one has something wrong with her. We know the pedigree and milk yield of each cow off by heart. The bond we have with our cows is really special and that is what I believe makes the job so rewarding.’
  • Will we meet at Eurotier in November?

    We are happy that exhibitions can take place again and we look forward to welcoming you at Eurotier this year! The exhibition will take place from 15th till 18th of November in Hannover.
  • Farmers of the future

    CRV follows Dutch farmers of the future who explain why they want to work in agriculture. Young men and women with great drive and energy, who are keen to start work in the barn, among the cows, after their studies. The enthusiasm of the new generation is infectious: they see oppportunities where the other generation sometimes sees threats and pitfalls.