Herd solutions

Manage a healthy herd

Herd management tools


Our breeding management programme SireMatch helps you to get maximum progress in your herd with minimum effort.

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Ovalert detects and identifies health and fertility signals early and effective. Monitor your herd easily 24 hours a day.

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Realise your breeding goal faster with a healthy and efficient herd and increase your farm’s profitability. It is all possible with HerdOptimizer.

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Breeding strategies

CRV Health

CRV Health helps you breed trouble-free, easy-to-manage cows with excellent longevity.

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CRV Efficiency

CRV Efficiency helps you breed highly productive cows and achieve high lifetime production.

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CRV FeedExcel

CRV FeedExcel ensures a highly productive herd that delivers more milk with less feed. Simply the smartest way to higher margins and lower emissions.

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Farming systems

Grazing system

In the grazing system your dairy cows produce milk based upon a ration of almost exclusively grass and forage.

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Semi-grazing system

In the semi-grazing system, your cows produce milk upon a ration of mostly grass supplemented almost year around with silage and bought-in feeds.

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Semi-mixed-ration system

In the semi-mixed-ration system, your cows produce high volumes of milk or solids upon a mostly mixed ration which at times includes grazed pasture.

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Mixed-ration system

In the mixed-ration system, your cows produce high volumes of milk or solids based upon a carefully managed (mixed) ration whilst permanently housed.

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