Answers to frequently asked questions


    CRV supports farmers in breeding a healthy, efficient and sustainable herd by providing genetics, information products, services and knowledge.
    CRV’s distributors play a key role in marketing and processing orders for genetic products and herd solutions.

    On this page you find answers to frequently asked questions. Do you have another question? Please contact your local distributor or CRV breeding advisor. You can also contact us using the contact form or via Facebook.

    Questions from farmers

    Are you a farmer and do you want to know more about the CRV products? Here are topics that are interesting for you:


    • Wich genetic products does CRV export?
      CRV offers a wide range of bulls from different breeds all over the world. Depending on your breeding goal and farming system we can advise you about breeds and bulls.

    • To which countries does CRV export?
      CRV exports to over 60 countries worldwide. The distribution of our products is done by our CRV locations and our network of distributors.

    • How can I order CRV products as a dairy company?
      As a farmer you cannot buy semen directly from CRV. You can contact the distributor in your region.

    • How can I become a participant of the herd solutions CRV offers?
      If you like to participate in one of our herd solutions, you can contact your local distributor in your region.

    • How does the international distribution of semen work in practise?
      Semen is distributed via the Semen Processing Center and the International Logistics Center in Deventer, the Netherlands. This locations plays a crucial role in the production process of CRV. Every year, 4 million straws are filled, inspected, registered, frozen and dispatched to dairy and beef farmers worldwide.

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    Questions from distributors

    Are you a distributor? Here are topics that are interesting for you:

    Sales support

    • As an official distributor, how will CRV support me?
      Every distributor has his own contact person within CRV. As a distributor, you will benefit from special incentives and programmes, receive sales support from our breeding advisors and receive training to keep current with CRV’s products and herd solutions.

    Marketing and branding

    • As an official CRV distributor, how will CRV support me with marketing and branding of the products?
      CRV partners receive extensive benefits that help them build and drive their business. Through joint activities like co-marketing programmes and social media campaigns, CRV actively supports the growth and continued success of our partner network. In addition, we provide access to tools that streamline your marketing and sales support. Read more about CRV’s partner programme.