• Thousands of Euros additional yield per cow with longer lifespan

    The average Dutch dairy cow will have almost four lactations, which means that a significant percentage of her production potential is unused. If the lifespan can be extended by two years, that would mean an additional lifetime yield of 1,800 to 3,000 Euros per cow.
  • A keen eye for fertile cows

    The birth of a calf will always be special, but the period leading up to the birth can be tense. Will fertilisation be successful and will the calf be born alive? Fertility problems can also arise after calving that affect the cow’s next pregnancy. Fortunately, many of these problems are preventable. Judith Roelofs from HAS Green Academy explains how to recognise, treat and prevent these problems.
  • New bulls show progress in the CRV Fleckvieh breeding programme

    CRV’s progressive Fleckvieh breeding programme has proven its value in the December 2022 index run. The excellent breeding values of a high number of new InSire bulls highlight the rapid genetic progress more than ever before. The daughter performances of already popular InSire bulls prove that selection based on genomic breeding values really works in practice.
  • Inspirational tour to New Zealand (By Andres Rincon and Wouter Keekstra, Area Sales Managers)

    As Area Sales Managers for Latin America, we get a lot of questions about the famous grazing system in New Zealand. Of course we always do our best to answer these questions, but it’s difficult if you have not seen the system in practice. We recently got the opportunity to travel to New Zealand to learn more about the grazing system. Do you like to know what we learnt at the other side of the planet? Keep reading!