• CRV’s Fleckvieh range further strengthened after new index run

    The range of Fleckvieh bulls from CRV's breeding programme has been further strengthened following the August 2022 index run. Five bulls received breeding values based on the performance of daughters for the first time, and these have confirmed the excellent genome figures. Popular bulls strengthened their breeding values thanks to an increasing number of daughters, and it was possible to select a number of interesting new progenitors from the large stream of promising young genomic bulls.
  • CRV appoints new Cooperative Board members

    The CRV cooperative is 100% owner of CRV Holding BV and its subsidiaries, including CRV BV and CRV c.v.b.a. This means that the members of the cooperative also own the company and, through the members' meetings and the members' council, have influence on the strategy and activities of the cooperative CRV, CRV Holding bv and its subsidiaries.
  • CRV sires win in terms of health and management

    The most popular sires from the CRV selection clearly stand out from those of other suppliers when it comes to health and management traits. This emerges from an overview of the current breeding values of the most used sires in the financial year 2020-2021.
  • CRV bulls provide a firm basis for an efficient and sustainable herd

    Around the world, the same rule applies wherever dairy farmers are active: cows that efficiently achieve high lifetime production without problems are the bedrock of profitable dairy farming. CRV helps farmers build a herd with consistently high yields, as the August 2022 index run has once again shown. With their high all-round breeding values for efficiency, health and longevity, bulls from the CRV breeding programme maintain or conquer top positions. Thanks to a feed efficiency breeding value based on measured feed intake in practice, CRV also offers farmers a unique tool to further increase the efficiency of milk production.
  • Sire calving ease increases through selection and breeding

    The percentage problem births among heifers has halved over the last ten years. Breeding and selection play a key role in this regard. The various breeding values for sire calving ease and daughter calving ease require some explanation.
  • Timing is everything

    Key to successful AI is ensuring semen and oocyte ‘meet’ at the right time. With a little knowledge about the fertility cycle of cows and the properties of semen, it’s possible to improve conception rates.
  • M3 P scores with excellent all-round profile

    M3 P has very quickly become one of the most popular Fleckvieh bulls at CRV. And with good reason. 'Like his father, this early Mercedes P son has an excellent all-round profile,' says Johannes Wolf from CRV Germany. The Fleckvieh product manager mentions the high components inheritance and excellent longevity traits of M3 P, with which he scores very well on both CRV Health and CRV Efficiency.