• Will we meet at Eurotier in November?

    We are happy that exhibitions can take place again and we look forward to welcoming you at Eurotier this year! The exhibition will take place from 15th till 18th of November in Hannover.
  • Farmers of the future

    CRV follows Dutch farmers of the future who explain why they want to work in agriculture. Young men and women with great drive and energy, who are keen to start work in the barn, among the cows, after their studies. The enthusiasm of the new generation is infectious: they see oppportunities where the other generation sometimes sees threats and pitfalls.
  • CRV’s Fleckvieh range further strengthened after new index run

    The range of Fleckvieh bulls from CRV's breeding programme has been further strengthened following the August 2022 index run. Five bulls received breeding values based on the performance of daughters for the first time, and these have confirmed the excellent genome figures. Popular bulls strengthened their breeding values thanks to an increasing number of daughters, and it was possible to select a number of interesting new progenitors from the large stream of promising young genomic bulls.
  • CRV appoints new Cooperative Board members

    The CRV cooperative is 100% owner of CRV Holding BV and its subsidiaries, including CRV BV and CRV c.v.b.a. This means that the members of the cooperative also own the company and, through the members' meetings and the members' council, have influence on the strategy and activities of the cooperative CRV, CRV Holding bv and its subsidiaries.
  • CRV sires win in terms of health and management

    The most popular sires from the CRV selection clearly stand out from those of other suppliers when it comes to health and management traits. This emerges from an overview of the current breeding values of the most used sires in the financial year 2020-2021.