• Poppe Freestyle fulfils the ideals of his breeders

    The ambition of Jan Poppe of Poppe Holsteins is high milk production per cow. He applies a strict feeding strategy and considers a 500-day calving interval ideal. Persistent cows with a natural urge for high production are the best fit in this system. The international top bull Poppe Freestyle, bred by the Poppe family, is given plenty of opportunities to show his prowess on the farm.
  • Travelling the globe with health and efficiency

    They visit stock exchange listed dairy farms in China, grazing-based dairy farms in Chile and state-of-the-art farms in the Baltic States. The CRV area managers for the emerging markets serve a client base that extends practically all over the globe. They promote the message of health and efficiency to a huge variety of farms and different cultures. Let’s meet them.
  • Weelder Esmonique 22 exceeds production of 100,000 kg

    Another influential cow produced by our breeding programme has added 100,000 kg of milk production to her achievements. The cow in question is the still very lively Weelder Esmonique 22 VG 88 (s. Planet) owned by the van de Kamp family in Putten. She is the grand dam of the breeding bulls Weelder Esperanto and Weelder Empire, both highly ranked and with semen available. These bulls have high scores for longevity, hoof health and other health traits. All of these are important factors that contribute to high production.
  • In the 2020 – 2021 financial year CRV invested in the future

    CRV can reflect on a satisfactory 2020 – 2021 financial year. It was a year in which the organisation implemented significant changes to prepare itself for the future. The last financial year noted an increase in the turnover of €1.4 million and a modest net profit was booked. This will be added to the equity capital of the cooperative.