CRV HerdOptimizer now available worldwide

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CRV HerdOptimizer now available worldwide

HerdOptimizer, CRV's genomic testing program is now available worldwide to support dairy farmers in making breeding decisions.

CRV HerdOptimizer is a revolutionary genetic management program that combines genomic testing with customized breeding goals, trait selection, and breeding recommendations to deliver quick, efficient herd improvement. With HerdOptimizer, CRV provides a complete solutions approach to building the next generation of cows and maximum return on investment. CRV HerdOptimizer helps to make breeding and selection decisions more easily, based on real, fact-based information. Rear only the best calves, use sexed semen on the genetically superior heifers and beef on the genetically inferior heifers. This results in a higher genetic gain and more profitability.

Increasing demand for genomic testing

Maarten Moleman, Global Sales Development Manager Info Products at CRV, says, “The demand for genomic testing is on the rise. Farmers worldwide seek clear insights into the genetic potential of their female animals. Genomic testing not only supports the health and productivity of herds but also enhances farm profitability. CRV is proud to make genomic testing accessible to dairy farmers worldwide.”

Easy insight into the genetic potential of the herd

HerdOptimizer allows dairy producers to simply take a tissue sample from their cows and youngstock and submit for analysis. CRV derives a comprehensive set of genomic breeding values, either based on the Dutch/Flemish (NVI) or United States (TPI) base, to provide producers with reliable predictions for future animal performance. CRV also provides unique CRV breeding indicators for Health and Efficiency. This data assists in deciding which calves to retain and improves mating decisions.

HerdOptimizer provides insight and overview

Users of CRV HerdOptimizer gain easy access to the individual animal results through the world-class breeding application. Genomic breeding values are displayed in a user selected format, highlighting the traits that matter most to the producer, offering clear summaries and targeted breeding advice based on individual breeding goals.

Faster genetic progress through integration with SireMatch

CRV HerdOptimizer seamlessly integrates with the mating program SireMatch. SireMatch uses the results of genomic testing to provide recommendations and ensure more precise and reliable matings compared to those based on expected values. The use of SireMatch and HerdOptimizer guarantees maximum genetic progress toward individual breeding goals, resulting in higher returns for dairy herds.

With the global launch of CRV HerdOptimizer, CRV is committed to delivering proven progress to dairy farmers worldwide. HerdOptimizer has been available in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and Czech Republic since 2016. Insights from these users show that utilizing HerdOptimizer helps accelerate their breeding goals, boost farm profitability, and optimize mating practices. We are proud that we can now offer this to dairy producers across the globe!

Get started with HerdOptimizer today!

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