• Milk from the first New Zealand Jerseys from Overlord PP in the Netherlands

    If you decide to completely revolutionise your herd management system, then also you need cows that perform best in the new system. This was the main reason for Jelle Hakvoort, who owns a dairy farm in Rutten, to start replacing his HF herd with crossbred cows. He is now well on the way towards a 100% Jersey herd. This makes the Hakvoort-Haarman farm partnership one of the first farms to milk a Jersey herd with a New Zealand pedigree.
  • Five questions about fertility for veterinarian Eline Willems

    CRV has everything it takes to help farmers improve the fertility of their herds. In a series of short interviews, employees who deal with fertility on a daily basis explain what this means in practice. Nowadays Eline Willems. She trained as a veterinarian and provides fertility counselling for dairy farms in Flanders. She also works as a permanent replacement for several fellow AI veterinarians.
  • Flagship of breeding for durability Apina Nadja procudes 100,000kg of milk

    Apina Nadja has fulfilled her potential. One of the most influential cows in CRV’s breeding programme has high breeding values for health, fertility and longevity. And she also passes these traits on to her countless offspring. Apina Nadja has never caused any problems for owners Wim and Theo Bleser. She has now put the crown on her illustrious career by realising lifetime production of 100,000kg of milk.