• CRV bulls reaffirm the confidence of farmers

    The December proof run reaffirms the confidence of farmers in CRV’s breeding programme. In recent months, several bulls added daughter information to their proofs which confirms their popularity as young InSire bulls. Based on their daughters’ excellent performance, these bulls will now be re-included in CRV’s line up.
  • Press Release: CRV bulls prove internationally that efficiency goes hand-in-hand with longevity and health

    The efficiency with which cows convert feed into milk is largely responsible for the profitability of dairy farming around the world. With FeedExcel, CRV has developed a breeding strategy that helps farmers breed a herd that combines high milk production and feed efficiency with an above-average longevity and good health. Part of this strategy is the use of selected FeedExcel bulls. As from this index run, these bulls can be identified throughout the world by a FeedExcel logo on the CRV bull catalogs and websites. After the index run of August 2023, CRV’s bull range has been further strengthened with several young bulls who prove that high feed efficiency is closely linked to high longevity, good health traits, and excellent functional type.
  • Press Release: CRV's Fleckvieh range further strengthened after new index run

    Following the index run in August 2023, CRV’s Fleckvieh portfolio has been further strengthened and broadened. Several, very good bulls, had to be withdrawn from the range because their breeding values are exceeded by those of the new generation of bulls. At the same time, the performance of the daughters of popular bulls confirms the breeding values of their sires. For farmers who want to breed for polledness, CRV has added a number of very interesting, young, heterozygous and homozygous polled bulls to the portfolio.
  • Press Release: Popular CRV bulls live up to expectations

    The index run of April 2023 underlines the reliability and extensive potential of CRV's Fleckvieh breeding program. Daughters of bulls that were already popular as InSire bulls, such as Majo, Westwind and Wüstensohn, are exceeding expectations. These bulls are proving themselves as all-round sires at the highest level. This is helping increase confidence in the new, young genomic bulls that are reinforcing CRV's Fleckvieh range across the board.