• CRV, Leading in Health, Efficiency and Polled!

    In the April 2022 index run, the ranking of black-and-white bulls in the Netherlands has a polled leader for the first time ever. In CRV’s red-and-white breeding programme, the polled gene is now so widely spread that several polled homozygotes have reached the top.
  • CRV offers Fleckvieh breeders a diverse range of bulls

    The April 2022 index run heralds good news for CRV's Fleckvieh bulls. Two of the top bulls from CRV’s portfolio were awarded their first rankings based on daughter data in this edition of the index run. The performance of their daughters confirms the genomic breeding values of their sires and even surpasses the expectations for certain traits. The top 100 of genomic tested bulls now includes a large cohort of CRV bulls, including two half-brothers with an outcross pedigree. Farmers who use robotic milking systems, and farmers seeking to breed polled cows are also spoilt for choice in CRV’s new offering.
  • In the 2020 – 2021 financial year CRV invested in the future

    CRV can reflect on a satisfactory 2020 – 2021 financial year. It was a year in which the organisation implemented significant changes to prepare itself for the future. The last financial year noted an increase in the turnover of €1.4 million and a modest net profit was booked. This will be added to the equity capital of the cooperative.
  • CRV Fleckvieh bulls maintain their lead in health and efficiency

    The bulls in CRV's Fleckvieh programme have claimed leading positions in the December 2021 index run. The genomic breeding values of many of these bulls are backed up by the performance of their first lactating daughters. Popular genomic bulls have held on to their ranking in the index with a number of promising, young bulls close at their heels. This serves to confirm CRV's strong position as the leader in health and efficiency in Fleckvieh breeding.
  • CRV bulls score on production and efficiency in December index run

    A herd that converts feed efficiently into milk, fat and protein. All over the world, this is an essential condition to ensure the profitability of dairy farming, especially in times of high prices for milk and feed. CRV bulls enable you to breed cows that achieve high lifetime production efficiently and effortlessly, under all circumstances. The December index 2021 demonstrates this once again.
  • First 'sniffer' for extensive methane research installed

    After lengthy preparations, last week the first 'methane sniffer' was installed in the milk robot at a Dutch farm. This sniffer establishes the methane concentration in the air exhaled by each cow at each milking session.
  • Lifetime production from durable Dutch dairy cows rises again

    The age of cows on Dutch dairy farms was higher again last year. The average milk production per lactation barely increased, but the increased longevity resulted in higher than ever lifetime production. This has been revealed by the annual milk recording statistics of CRV for the 2020-2021 financial year.