• Press Release: Popular CRV bulls live up to expectations

    The index run of April 2023 underlines the reliability and extensive potential of CRV's Fleckvieh breeding program. Daughters of bulls that were already popular as InSire bulls, such as Majo, Westwind and Wüstensohn, are exceeding expectations. These bulls are proving themselves as all-round sires at the highest level. This is helping increase confidence in the new, young genomic bulls that are reinforcing CRV's Fleckvieh range across the board.
  • CRV’s Fleckvieh range further strengthened after new index run

    The range of Fleckvieh bulls from CRV's breeding programme has been further strengthened following the August 2022 index run. Five bulls received breeding values based on the performance of daughters for the first time, and these have confirmed the excellent genome figures. Popular bulls strengthened their breeding values thanks to an increasing number of daughters, and it was possible to select a number of interesting new progenitors from the large stream of promising young genomic bulls.
  • CRV bulls provide a firm basis for an efficient and sustainable herd

    Around the world, the same rule applies wherever dairy farmers are active: cows that efficiently achieve high lifetime production without problems are the bedrock of profitable dairy farming. CRV helps farmers build a herd with consistently high yields, as the August 2022 index run has once again shown. With their high all-round breeding values for efficiency, health and longevity, bulls from the CRV breeding programme maintain or conquer top positions. Thanks to a feed efficiency breeding value based on measured feed intake in practice, CRV also offers farmers a unique tool to further increase the efficiency of milk production.
  • CRV, Leading in Health, Efficiency and Polled!

    In the April 2022 index run, the ranking of black-and-white bulls in the Netherlands has a polled leader for the first time ever. In CRV’s red-and-white breeding programme, the polled gene is now so widely spread that several polled homozygotes have reached the top.
  • CRV offers Fleckvieh breeders a diverse range of bulls

    The April 2022 index run heralds good news for CRV's Fleckvieh bulls. Two of the top bulls from CRV’s portfolio were awarded their first rankings based on daughter data in this edition of the index run. The performance of their daughters confirms the genomic breeding values of their sires and even surpasses the expectations for certain traits. The top 100 of genomic tested bulls now includes a large cohort of CRV bulls, including two half-brothers with an outcross pedigree. Farmers who use robotic milking systems, and farmers seeking to breed polled cows are also spoilt for choice in CRV’s new offering.