• Broad CRV Fleckvieh range offers top-quality bulls for every breeding goal

    All Fleckvieh breeders have their own personal requirements. CRV’s Fleckvieh program offers a broad range of bulls that will always meet ones breeding goal, whether that is on kilos milk, on increasing fat and protein or on achieving additional progress on meat traits such as growth and muscularity. On top of that, CRV offers top-quality polled bulls and bulls that fit the needs for herds with automatic milking systems.
  • CRV bulls confirm the reliability and value of innovation

    2024 marks the 150th anniversary of Coöperatieve Rundveeverbetering (CRV). During that century and a half, reliable figures and innovation have led to significant progress in breeding being achieved by Dutch and Flemish dairy farmers.
  • Van der Meulen Dairy > Elevating herd components with Dutch genetics

    In the heart of Alma, Ontario, Jen and Theo Van der Meulen, the proud owners of Van der Meulen Dairy, are on a mission to enhance their herd's genetic foundation. With a focus on quality over quantity, the herd of 315 cows produces an impressive average of 35 liters per day, boasting 4.40% fat and 3.45% protein.
  • CRV bulls reaffirm the confidence of farmers

    The December proof run reaffirms the confidence of farmers in CRV’s breeding programme. In recent months, several bulls added daughter information to their proofs which confirms their popularity as young InSire bulls. Based on their daughters’ excellent performance, these bulls will now be re-included in CRV’s line up.