• Webinario Eficiencia Alimentaria

    El 22 de abril emitimos un webinario sobre eficiencia alimentaria para el mercado español sudamericano. ¿Qué es la eficiencia alimentaria? ¿Por qué es importante? Y ¿qué beneficios tiene?
  • Timing is everything

    Key to successful AI is ensuring semen and oocyte ‘meet’ at the right time. With a little knowledge about the fertility cycle of cows and the properties of semen, it’s possible to improve conception rates.
  • M3 P scores with excellent all-round profile

    M3 P has very quickly become one of the most popular Fleckvieh bulls at CRV. And with good reason. 'Like his father, this early Mercedes P son has an excellent all-round profile,' says Johannes Wolf from CRV Germany. The Fleckvieh product manager mentions the high components inheritance and excellent longevity traits of M3 P, with which he scores very well on both CRV Health and CRV Efficiency.
  • CRV, Leading in Health, Efficiency and Polled!

    In the April 2022 index run, the ranking of black-and-white bulls in the Netherlands has a polled leader for the first time ever. In CRV’s red-and-white breeding programme, the polled gene is now so widely spread that several polled homozygotes have reached the top.
  • Grazing cows: it’s all about efficiency

    New Zealand’s producers have a wealth of experience when it comes to maximising grazing utilisation and turning grass into milk. Is there anything UK producers can learn from their Kiwi counterparts?
  • CRV offers Fleckvieh breeders a diverse range of bulls

    The April 2022 index run heralds good news for CRV's Fleckvieh bulls. Two of the top bulls from CRV’s portfolio were awarded their first rankings based on daughter data in this edition of the index run. The performance of their daughters confirms the genomic breeding values of their sires and even surpasses the expectations for certain traits. The top 100 of genomic tested bulls now includes a large cohort of CRV bulls, including two half-brothers with an outcross pedigree. Farmers who use robotic milking systems, and farmers seeking to breed polled cows are also spoilt for choice in CRV’s new offering.
  • Poppe Freestyle fulfils the ideals of his breeders

    The ambition of Jan Poppe of Poppe Holsteins is high milk production per cow. He applies a strict feeding strategy and considers a 500-day calving interval ideal. Persistent cows with a natural urge for high production are the best fit in this system. The international top bull Poppe Freestyle, bred by the Poppe family, is given plenty of opportunities to show his prowess on the farm.