• Polled bulls from CRV show strength and components

    The August 2021 index run shows the strength of CRV's breeding program when it comes farmers' wishes. Once again, this run shows a large number of top bulls that carry the polled gene. What's more, farmers who want to breed fast for component-rich milk and efficient and trouble-free producing dairy cows have even more choice. Bulls that were frontrunners for health and efficiency as a genomic bull confirm this with the performance of their daughters in this run.
  • CRV Fleckvieh shows strength after new index run

    The August index run shows the strength of CRV's Fleckvieh breeding programme. Established daughter-proven bulls such as Wobbler and Haribo are maintaining their figures nicely, as are widely used genomic bulls such as Wüstensohn, Warlock, Wanko, and Virginia. In addition, a number of young daughter-proven bulls are improving their breeding values as more daughter information becomes available.
  • New Zealand is looking for climate friendly grazers

    Stricter environmental standards, an increasing emphasis on animal welfare. In New Zealand too, cattle farming is facing close and critical scrutiny. CRV has responded with bulls that pass on a lower milk urea nitrogen content, with a growing offer of sexed semen and research into breeding climate friendly cows. Time for an introduction to our overseas branch.
  • Brazilian AI market is showing explosive growth

    Bulls housed outdoors and an AI market that grew by more than 30% in a year. CRV's branch in Brazil operates in completely different conditions than in many other countries. So, it's high time to get acquainted!
  • Welcome to our new website!

    We proudly present our new website and online sire directory! This brand-new platform is now even more easy to use on mobile devices. Wherever you are, find the sire that suits your herd, view our innovative products and solutions and read interesting news and background articles with just one click.
  • Fleckvieh: progressively profiting from the European population

    With professional breeding programmes in Germany and the Czech Republic and intensive cooperation with colleagues in Austria, CRV can profit from access to the upper segment of Fleckvieh bulls in the European population. CRV applies a progressive breeding strategy for milk and beef production, longevity, persistency and late maturity, fertility and udder health. This approach guarantees a leading position in health and efficiency for CRV's Fleckvieh genetic products.