CRV’s Fleckvieh range further strengthened after new index run

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Worldcup - CRV’s Fleckvieh range further strengthened after new index run

The range of Fleckvieh bulls from CRV's breeding programme has been further strengthened following the August 2022 index run. Five bulls received breeding values based on the performance of daughters for the first time, and these have confirmed the excellent genome figures. Popular bulls strengthened their breeding values thanks to an increasing number of daughters, and it was possible to select a number of interesting new progenitors from the large stream of promising young genomic bulls.

As a result, CRV offers a wide and varied range of Fleckvieh bulls for both pure breeding and crossbreeding programmes. Livestock farmers who want to breed for polledness or suitability for robotic milking are also offered plenty of choice at CRV.

Worldcup and Wobbler prove their worth

This index run, the veterans Worldcup and Wobbler have once again proved why they are so popular. Worldcup improved his figures from the previous index run with the first lactation of more daughters. Another few hundred daughters were added this time, and they confirm the positive evolution. Worldcup increased to 134 total merit index (TMI) and +7% CRV Efficiency. Worldcup is a real all-rounder, scoring a milk index of 118 and a beef index of 112. He also scores well on conformation and health traits, resulting in +5% CRV Health.

More than 23,000 daughters by Wobbler are now being milked, and they prove that this 11-year-old bull can still compete with younger bulls. Wobbler exhibits a flawless inheritance pattern, resulting in 125 TMI, +5% CRV Efficiency and +5% CRV Health. His calves are born easily, so his semen is suitable for use on maiden heifers.


First daughters provide confirmation

Five bulls used as genomic bulls were given a breeding value for the first time based on daughter information. This included Eisbaer, who excels as a productive sire with 1318 kg of milk and a milk index of 120. Other strong points in his inheritance pattern are daughter fertility (index 116) and udder (index 116). Eisbaer scores 128 TMI, +7% CRV Efficiency and +5% CRV Health, and has the aAa code 561.

Hindu’s first daughters are evidence of their sire's unique qualities as a protein enhancer (+0.05%) and feet and leg inheritor (125). Hindu also excels in daughter fertility (127) and longevity (119). He scores 125 TMI, +5% CRV Efficiency, and his breeding value of +8% CRV Health makes him one of the top bulls for health traits.

In this index run, Hollister has confirmed his status as a super production enhancer with his first daughters. This son of Haribo has a milk index of 119 and scores +9% CRV Efficiency. With 123 udder and 110 feet and legs he also improves conformation, and his 124 milking speed score makes him an excellent partner for slow milking cows.

Manaus also received a first breeding value based on the performance of his daughters, namely +835 kg milk and +0.07% fat. In addition, he improves feet and legs (119) and milking speed (125). Manaus’ aAa code is 543 and his TMI score is 126.

For farmers who breed for polledness, the bull Montur P*S has some interesting characteristics. He increases the fat percentage (+0.11%), his milk index is 116, and he scores +8% CRV Efficiency. This bull is suitable for use on maiden heifers and improves udders (109) and feet and legs (115).

Kate (s. Worldcup)
Kate (s. Worldcup)

Wide choice for polledness

CRV selected eight interesting new bulls from the large stream of young bulls with high genomic breeding values. This increases the choice available to livestock farmers, in particular the polled trait.

All calves from Mekka PP*, for example, will be born without horns. The son of popular Mercedes Pp* excels as a component progenitor with +0.17% fat and +0.11% protein. With +8% CRV Health, he is also one of the best bulls in the range for health traits, with an index of 123 for udder health for example. Mekka PP* can also improve udder conformation considerably, with a breeding value of 123.

Another talented polled son of Mercedes is Meriol P*S. He has a production breeding value of +889 kg milk with +0.06% protein, and a longevity breeding value of 122. He is also a top conformation progenitor, with 114 feet and legs and 119 udder. Meriol P*S scores 135 TMI and +11% CRV Efficiency.

Halbmond Pp* (son of Hamlet Pp*) is an interesting new production sire, with +1374 kg milk and a milk index of 133. His longevity breeding value is 112, and he scores +13% CRV Efficiency. Halbmond Pp* also improves udders (112) and milking speed (119).

Outstanding all-rounders

The young InSire bulls Habanero and Walzertraum share the high genomic breeding value of 139 TMI, which puts them among the top bulls in the range. Habanero has an ideal Fleckvieh profile, with a milk index of 133 and a beef index of 107, resulting in a CRV Efficiency score of +11%. This son of Herzklopfen passes on excellent fitness traits, and correct udders with ideal teat placement. Habanero is suitable for use on maiden heifers, and has the aAa code 516.

Walzertraum (son of Wuestensohn) is also a promising top-level all-rounder. His milk index is 128, beef index 113, and his CRV Efficiency score is +11%. Walzertraum's daughters will enjoy good longevity (index 118) and he will increase milking speed (127). This interesting young bull has several bull dams in his pedigree.

Fleckvieh bulls for robotic milking

Thanks to CRV, dairy farmers using robotic milkers can easily select the right bulls. Bulls whose daughters are suitable for automatic milking are indicated with the 'roboter' logo, and include Eisbaer, Hollister, Montur P*S, Worldcup, Mekka PP* and Meriol P*S.