• “My cows have to use every kilo of feed efficiently.”

    For years, the efficient conversion of feed into milk has been a main aim in farm management for livestock farmer Pierre Litjens. Since the introduction of the breeding value feed efficiency, he has also included this trait in breeding. “The genetic differences between cows are even greater than I expected,” he says.
  • HerdOptimizer Go helps increase profitability of farms

    Genomic analysis of female Holstein is used for Precision Breeding. Female genomic testing is the next step in breeding efficient and profitable herds. Genomic breeding values haver higher reliabilities then pedigree indexes. HerdOptimizer Go helps farmers to rank animals and to formulate the best possible breeding goal. With data of the genetic potential of the herd farmers are able to make educated decisions on their breeding strategy (sexed, conventional, beef or embryo) to ensure they only breed with the best existing genetics.
  • ‘Cows that utilise feed well, keep the cost price low’

    Dairy farmer Hans Janssen wants to maximise the potential of what he has to the full. His land, the milking robots and the forage he grows on his farm. ‘We need cows that convert feed efficiently into milk’ he explains. ‘That is where breeding can also help.’
  • Breeding for feed efficiency increases utilisation of roughage intake

    A higher feed efficiency is directly linked to better roughage utilisation. This is the concision of researchers from the Animal Breeding and Genomics group at Wageningen Livestock Research based on analysis of a data set containing the feed intake, weight and milk production data of more than 3000 cows.
  • Breeding climate-friendly cows

    The opportunity to breed more climate-friendly cows is one step closer for New Zealand dairy farmers after a Waikato trial finds a possible link between a bulls’ genetics and the amount of methane they produce.
  • Feed efficiency reveals huge differences

    CRV introduced the feed efficiency breeding value in December. Willem Alders has been conducting feed trials for CRV for several years. He sees huge differences, also between similar cows.