• Lifetime production from durable Dutch dairy cows rises again

    The age of cows on Dutch dairy farms was higher again last year. The average milk production per lactation barely increased, but the increased longevity resulted in higher than ever lifetime production. This has been revealed by the annual milk recording statistics of CRV for the 2020-2021 financial year.
  • Agrifirm and CRV will jointly conduct research into methane

    The cooperative organisations Royal Agrifirm Group and CRV will start up a joint project designed to measure the methane emission of individual cows in actual practice. The purpose is to gain greater insight into the differences between animals and rations. This knowledge will be used to develop new products that enable livestock farmers to control methane emissions. The researchers will focus on various aspects, such as feed advice, methane efficiency breeding values and improved methods for estimating methane emissions at the cow and farm level.
  • Polled bulls from CRV show strength and components

    The August 2021 index run shows the strength of CRV's breeding program when it comes farmers' wishes. Once again, this run shows a large number of top bulls that carry the polled gene. What's more, farmers who want to breed fast for component-rich milk and efficient and trouble-free producing dairy cows have even more choice. Bulls that were frontrunners for health and efficiency as a genomic bull confirm this with the performance of their daughters in this run.
  • CRV Fleckvieh shows strength after new index run

    The August index run shows the strength of CRV's Fleckvieh breeding programme. Established daughter-proven bulls such as Wobbler and Haribo are maintaining their figures nicely, as are widely used genomic bulls such as Wüstensohn, Warlock, Wanko, and Virginia. In addition, a number of young daughter-proven bulls are improving their breeding values as more daughter information becomes available.
  • HerdOptimizer Go now available in 10 countries

    Last year CRV introduced the breeding concept HerdOptimizer Go internationally. The tool gives farmers easy insight in the genetic potential of their herd by means of female genotyping. After a successful pilot period the concept is now used in 10 countries.
  • Breeding climate-friendly cows

    The opportunity to breed more climate-friendly cows is one step closer for New Zealand dairy farmers after a Waikato trial finds a possible link between a bulls’ genetics and the amount of methane they produce.