Press Release: CRV bulls prove internationally that efficiency goes hand-in-hand with longevity and health

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Woody Holstein bull
Willem’s-Hoeve Woody (Ranger x Jetset)

The efficiency with which cows convert feed into milk is largely responsible for the profitability of dairy farming around the world. With FeedExcel, CRV has developed a breeding strategy that helps farmers breed a herd that combines high milk production and feed efficiency with an above-average longevity and good health. Part of this strategy is the use of selected FeedExcel bulls. As from this index run, these bulls can be identified throughout the world by a FeedExcel logo on the CRV bull catalogs and websites.

After the index run of August 2023, CRV’s bull range has been further strengthened with several young bulls who prove that high feed efficiency is closely linked to high longevity, good health traits, and excellent functional type.

Woody makes gains

Popular daughter-proven bulls have added more daughters to their proofs and continue to rise. For example, the breeding values of Willem’s-Hoeve Woody (Ranger x Jetset) are now based on the performance of more than 1,000 daughters. He recorded a gain of 18 points NVI. Woody now sires more than 1,900 kg of milk with +0.10% fat and +0.03% protein and 517 Euros INET and can therefore compete with young bulls. The popular daughter-proven bull scores 107 hoof health and udder health and 110 total type, with 110 udders and 106 feet and legs. Woody’s daughters have a high feed efficiency and this bull therefore fits in perfectly with the FeedExcel breeding strategy. Woody also proves his leading status internationally; he is now number 3 in the German RZG total index rankings.

In the Netherlands and Flanders, the first 284 daughters of Delta Eloy RF (Jacuzzi x Finder) are in milk. Eloy’s daughter proven breeding value exceeded his genomic breeding value by 23 NVI. Eloy originates from the family of (among others) Weelder Empire and Weelder Esperanto and transmits high components, excellent health traits, and has a total type of 110 with 111 for feet and legs.

Holstein bull Encourage
Delta Encourage (Fragrant x Trust)

Encourage remains number one

Efficiency winner Delta Encourage (Fragrant x Trust) remains the number one based on genomic breeding values. He is a unique production sire with almost 1,800 kg of milk with +0.34% fat and +0.28% protein, resulting in 638 Euros INET. Encourage scores 706 days longevity, 102 daughter fertility, 106 udders, and 108 hoof health. With these figures, he is the perfect bull for farmers who opt for CRV’s FeedExcel breeding strategy.

Delta Nobrainer (Fragrant x Reloader) is also a FeedExcel bull. He transmits 758 kg of milk with +0.61% fat and +0.16% protein. With excellent health traits and an all-round conformation profile, he is very versatile and easy to use.

Holstein bull Artemis
Delta Artemis PP RF (Mars P x Casino)

Plenty of choice of polled bulls

With Delta Artemis PP RF (Mars P x Casino), CRV has a very interesting homozygous polled FeedExcel bull in its bull range. He transmits almost 1,000 kg of milk with +0.48% fat and +0.17% protein. He also scores 106 udders, 107 feet, and legs, and 107 hoof health.

New to the range is the heterozygous polled Willem’s-Hoeve R Sakarun P RF (Launch PP x Martin). He is a nephew of Woody and transmits +0.51% fat and +0.31% protein in combination with 868 kgs of milk. Sakarun improves udders (106) and feet and legs (107) and excels in hoof health (111).

Jacuzzi rises to lead position

Among the red-and-white daughter-proven bulls, the proven Delta Jacuzzi (Livington x Incentive) is the new number one. With 3,456 daughters in his breeding value, he recorded another 14 points NVI gain. Jacuzzi sires more than 1,000 kg of milk with +0.75% fat and +0.14% protein, 105 udders, and 107 feet and legs and fits in perfectly with the FeedExcel breeding strategy.

The frequently used Delta Mauro (Goal x Bram) now has a breeding value that is based on the performance of more than 4,000 daughters. He rose by 34 points NVI and 73 Euros INET, especially through more milk. Mauro is well known for his high components. He transmits now +792 kg of milk with +0.38% fat and +0.26% protein. His breeding value for feet and legs is also still rising by one point to 112.

Holstein bull Jacuzzi
Delta Jacuzzi (Livington x Incentive)

Robust red-and-white with high components

The full brothers Delta Primetime PP and Delta Completor P (Taskforce P x Abundant P) are now available exclusively through the Create programme. Both sire a nice amount of milk with very high components and good health traits. Completor scores total conformation of 111 and Primetime even achieves a total conformation of 113, with 110 for udders and 110 feet and legs.

The newly available Delta Patton P (Panenka P x Goal) is a FeedExcel bull with a production of +1,364 kg of milk with +0.14% fat and +0.02% protein. Patton breeds average-developed daughters with good health traits and very good udders and legs.

Also new is Delta Bulldozer P (Tumeric x Stentor). He sires more than 1,000 kg of milk with +0.20% fat and +0.21% protein, 107 feet and legs, and 106 total conformation. Bulldozer daughters will grow into robust cows with additional chest width and excellent hoof health (108) and daughter fertility (106).

Holstein bull Peak Mecanico
Peak Mecanico (AltaKevlow x AltaZazzle)

FeedExcel bulls from American breeding programme

CRV’s progressive American breeding programme produces several FeedExcel bulls that help farmers to increase the feed efficiency of their herd.

Peak Mecanico (AltaKevlow x AltaZazzle) is an excellent example of that. He transmits 755 lbs of milk with +0.31% fat and +0.13% protein and combines this with 112 feed efficiency and 7.0 productive life, resulting in +21% CRV Efficiency. At the same time, Mecanico has a good score for health traits, with 1.1 daughter pregnancy rate (DPR). With these proofs, he is an ideal bull for inclusion in CRV’s FeedExcel breeding strategy. Mecanico is an index topper with 1,235 gNM$ and 3,109 gTPI. In Scandinavia, Mecanico is the number 1 in the total index gNTM. This top-quality bull is now available through the Create programme.

With 3,143 points, Ladys-Manor Holysmk Oak (Holysmokes x Granite) is the latest complete top-ranked TPI bull in CRV’s range. He scores 1,065 gNM$, transmits 973 lbs of milk with +0.30% fat and +0.13% protein. Oak sires have good conformation with 1.53 PTAT with great udders (2.11 PTA udder) and good feet and legs (1.05). This new young winner is a FeedExcel bull and is available through the Create programme. He is not eligible for export to the European Union.

The InSire bull Ladys-Manor Overthere (Drive x Granite) is also a FeedExcel bull. He transmits 153 lbs of fat plus protein, 5.7 productive life and 108 feed efficiency. Overthere sires good daughter fertility (1.2 DPR) and udder health (105). His TPI score is 3,056 and 1,056 NM$.

The young bull Aurora Tyrol (Parfect x Eisaku) is a top conformation sire with 2.28 PTAT. His daughters will grow to be strong, well-developed cows with a lot of body depth and strength. He improves feet and legs (1.55 PTA F&L) and udders (1.63 PTA Udder) and also has a positive score for teat length. Tyrol's daughters will be fertile (1.3 DPR), with a long productive life (5.7 Productive Life). He scores 3,094 points TPI and 956 NM$. Tyrol is available exclusively through the Create programme.

Shawarma, nice and stable

With his daughters, Peak Shawarma (Milktime x Jedi), is proving to be a stable factor in CRV’s US range. He now has 451 daughters from 103 farms in his breeding value, bringing him to 2,677 points TPI and 744 NM$. Shawarma sires 2,285 lbs of milk and 120 lbs of fat, plus protein with a low cell count (2.68 SCC). His daughters are strong, well-developed cows with slope rumps, and strong attached udders with good teat placement. As a young bull, Shawarma is frequently used in Italy and the Czech Republic and the performance of his daughters prove that farmers in these countries have made an excellent choice.

CRV FeedExcel, breeding for feed efficiency

CRV FeedExcel ensures a highly productive herd that delivers more milk with less feed. Simply the smartest way to higher margins and lower emissions. More information about FeedExcel is available on the CRV website.