High genetic level with dominant inheritance pattern

  • Convenience: no need to disbud your animals
  • Animal friendly alternative
  • High genetic level


Interested in introducing or extending the polled trait in your herd and boosting progress in other traits? It’s possible!

There is a strongly growing demand for polled bulls worldwide. Polled bulls are a sustainable alternative to the practice of disbudding. The polled trait occurs naturally in the Holstein population.

Do you want to introduce or extend the polled trait in your herd? Would you like more information or do you have any questions about the best crosses and/or strategy for your breeding goal? Or would you just like to talk to a breeding consultant? Request information using the contact form.

“Jacko PP offers the complete polled package”
Breeding technician Marcel Fox on breeding for polledness

How does breeding for polledness work?

Breeding for polledness is relatively easy, as the polled trait is determined by one gene that is dominant. Animals born polled can be heterozygous (Pp) or homozygous (PP) polled. This means they have inherited the gene only from their dam or sire, or from both parents.

Thanks to our progressive breeding goals, the genetic level has improved tremendously in recent years. The further development of CRV’s polledness breeding programme will increase the potential to breed homozygous polled bulls with perfect breeding values.

Read what breeding for polledness means for breeding technician Marcel Fox.

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