CRV Holstein EU

More return, less work

  • High lifetime production
  • Excellent feed conversion
  • High net profit

CRV Holstein EU

Holstein cows are famous for the highest lifetime production in the world. This is the result of breeding for production with high components and health for many years.

A high lifetime production can only be reached if a cow is healthy and has a high production. This is translated into the national total breeding index: NVI (Dutch/Flanders Index). By using CRV bulls at your dairy farm you breed cows that are easy to manage, long lasting with less health problems, that produce milk with high fat & protein and with excellent feed conversion.

“Healthy animals with strong udders are longlasting”
Fundo El Calabozo, Richards’ family, Osorno Chile

CRV Holstein EU programme

CRV operates a professional and progressive breeding programme for different breeds in various regions of the world. These diverse breeding programmes are driven by one clear vision: CRV wants to help dairy farmers progress by offering genetics that are leading in health and efficiency.

CRV’s Holstein breeding programme in the Netherlands and Flanders is characterised by transparency, high numbers and strict selection. From 10 million European Holstein cows only 60 InSire and 15 daughter proven bulls are eventually selected.

This allows CRV to maximise the input of genetic progress in the population. And offer farmers a varied range of top-quality bulls that guarantee healthy cows able to realise high lifetime production efficiently and effortlessly.

Testimonial CRV Holstein EU by Emily Branagan, Turin, New York, US


“We were blessed to have such a wonderful opportunity to take over this farm. We love our life and love working with our cows.” Emily Branagan, Woods Hill Farm, Turin, New York
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Unique breeding values

With the unique breeding values for udder health, hoof health, ketosis and fertility you can select the CRV bulls that fit your criteria in order to improve your herd.

Black or red or Holstein US, CRV has the animals that fit in your herd.

Start breeding with CRV Holstein EU

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