Sexed semen

Sexed semen

High genetic merit heifers

  • Further your genetic gain
  • Increase value of surplus calves
  • Use on your best cows

Sexed semen

Every time a cow calves you’ll have to wait and see whether it is a heifer calf, or yet another bull calf. Usually there is a 50:50 chance of either a heifer or a bull. Sexed semen offers dairy farmers across the world the opportunity to breed offspring from cows and heifers that offer the highest genetic gain.

CRV has an extensive range of top bulls and options with sexed semen (SiryX). We also help you with your breeding strategy and we identify hidden returns from your herd. In this way we help you to get more profit from your herd.

What is SiryX?

SiryX is sexed semen produced in special laboratories in the Netherlands, Brazil and the USA. Inseminations with SiryX semen will result in 90%, or more, heifer calves.

CRV is using the most advanced and developed techniques available at the moment and the operators responsible for the production of SiryX have had specialist training in the USA.

SiryX has advantages for dairy farmers and has the capacity to maximize farm profit in several ways:

  • Assured production of heifer calves for
    replacement or expansion
  • Reducing the number of difficult births
  • Higher turnover
  • Faster genetic progress
Sexed semen CRV

Female and male sexed semen

With CRV sexed semen you can increase the number of heifers generated through your mating programme.

Some tips:

Conception rates with frozen sexed semen are around 10-15% lower than non-sexed semen. Using the correct semen handling and the right selection of animals on heat will help you get the best possible results using the CRV sexed semen product. Some tips:

  • Inseminate heifers a maximum of 2 times with SiryX and then with conventional semen.
  • Inseminate cows a maximum of 2 times with SiryX and then with conventional semen.

Interested in sexed semen

Are you interested in sexed semen or would you like some more information? Find a distributor in your region or request more information via our contact form.

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