Premium milk

Premium milk

Richer milk, more profit

  • Higher milk components
  • Better milk price
  • More profit

Premium milk

Premium milk: milk with high component percentages. A moneymaker. And therefore a goal of many farmers. Because they get a better price for fat and protein rich milk.

It’s a fact that CRV cows produce the highest percentage of fat and protein components. Cows that convert their feed easily into premium milk are efficient and highly profitable producers for you.

Premium milk: how to achieve it?

Milk with high component percentages. How do you achieve that aim? How important is the role of breeding? And what is the effect of using a bull who transmits high components?

The mating of a cow and a bull with higher components results in a daughter with slightly higher milk production and above all higher components. The results are much richer milk in one generation and increased yield per cow per lactation.

CRV, a leader in milk with high components

CRV has focused on good milk production since 1795. Our cows are cows with a high genetic predisposition, who partner production and high component percentages. Not only do they produce a phenomenal amount ‘fat milk’, their lifetime production is also unparalleled.

Health and efficiency hand in hand, for better results:

  • High component milk commands a better milk price
  • CRV cows convert feed into milk easily and combine high component percentages with high lifetime production

Start with premium milk now!

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