CRV Fleckvieh Beef

CRV Fleckvieh Beef

Ideal solution for Beef on Dairy

  • Excellent breeding program in Germany
  • Fully polled
  • Broad variety of different blood lines

CRV Fleckvieh Beef

CRV Fleckvieh Beef is an ideal solution for Beef on Dairy. CRV Fleckvieh Beef has an excellent beef quality with ideal intramuscular fat and nice Marbling. Within our common CRV Fleckvieh breeding program in Germany and Czech Republic, Fleckvieh Beef is a growing segment.

CRV Fleckvieh Beef experience

“The calving process, meat value and milk production is important to us“
Family Kruse: CRV Fleckvieh Beef-customer since 2019

Broad variety of different blood lines

All the CRV Fleckvieh Beef fulls are PP homozygous polled. The bulls are genomic tested, and the selection is based on Easy Calving and high daily gain, Europ Trade class and carcass percentage. We have a broad variety of different blood lines. There is male sexed semen available to get a higher revenue for bull calves as well.

Start breeding with CRV Fleckvieh Beef

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