Obituary of a Fleckvieh legend (2011-2023): Wobbler

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Fleckvieh bull Wobbler
A Fleckvieh legend, Wobbler

At the age of almost 12 years, we have bid farewell to our beloved Wobbler. He remains very much in demand. However, he leaves behind a large quantity of semen, allowing his genetics to continue being passed on.
Due to his character and excellent condition, until the end, Wobbler was very popular in the Rottmoos stable. The entire team, therefore, found it very difficult to say goodbye to him.

Wobbler was bred by the Epp Magnus in Valley (Miesbach district).

In 2012 he was auctioned in Miesbach by the Dauer family from Reichertshofen (Pfaffenhofen district), who had lovingly raised him until that time. From then onwards, he was jointly owned by CRV and Genostar.

When he was purchased, nobody could have known that he would have a great career in Fleckvieh breeding. His breeding values distinguished Wobbler as an all-rounder, and that remained the case throughout his life. Some people had doubts at the time of purchase due to his breeding value of 119 for milking, but he impressively dispelled this doubt. At the time of purchase, he had a breeding value of 119 for milking and is now 110 (a depreciation of 18 points). In kg of milk he was +714 kg at purchase and is currently +654 kg (a depreciation of 777 kg of milk).

He currently leaves behind more than 26,000 daughters in the breeding value estimation, with several thousand still to come. Wobbler has been used in almost all European countries. His quality is also reflected in his total breeding value, which is still above 120, with a depreciation of more than 24 points in his active life as an insemination bull.

Currently, many of his great-grandchildren are used in the insemination stations. This is particularly impressive, as he only found his use as a sire when he was inseminated with daughters. Forty-four sons and 55 grandsons were used at insemination stations. As the damsire of insemination bulls, he appears 45 times in the top list.

The mark he has made will be visible throughout the Fleckvieh world for a long time to come. A true STEMPELBULLE. à A true legend.

Wobbler Abschiedsviedo

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