Combine the strengths of multiple breeds

  • Strong and resilient cows
  • Crossing that suits you
  • Maximum heterosis effect


Do you want a higher milk production in your herd? Or do you want more longevity or better hoof health? Or perhaps both? Crossbreeding could be the perfect solution.

CRV has developed CrossFit, a tool that helps you make the best crossbreeding decision for your herd, breeding goals and set up.

“Crossbreeding ensures flexible livestock. We select bulls with the highest production and health characteristics”
Han Krol, dairy farmer in Hengstdijk, the Netherlands, about CrossFit

What is CrossFit?

Each race within CrossFit has its unique advantages. By combining breeds that suit you, you anchor specific breed characteristics and the heterosis effect is the added benefit.

CrossFit has two directions:

CrossFit Health

With CrossFit Health, health and convenience are the starting points. You breed a healthy, fertile and self-reliant cow in good condition that calves quickly and can produce optimally under different conditions.

CrossFit Efficiency

CrossFit Efficiency stands for compact cows that produce a lot, have a long lifespan and that convert the feed into fat and protein. This high-yielding and sustainable herd allows you to maximize business profitability.

Your area manager can advise you on the best crossing strategy.

Each breed its own characteristics

You can cross with the entire herd, or with a part of it. With one or more breeds and with a fixed crossing schedule, or a choice by determining per individual cow which breed and which bull fits best. Each breed has its own characteristics.

  • High milk production
  • High fat and protein components
  • Good udders
  • Long economical life
  • Wild choice of breeding goals
  • Low maintenance
  • Placid nature
  • Low somatic cell count
  • High fertility
  • Extra turnover and growth
  • Compact and efficient
  • Strong, clean legs and feet
  • Durable cows
  • Requires little maintenance feed
  • High components
  • Extremely high protein percentage
  • Broad and durable
  • Good legs
  • High fertility
  • Extra turnover and growth
Cross breeding with Holstein

Start now with CrossFit!

Are you interested in CrossFit or would you like some more information? Find a distributor in your region or request more information via our contact form.

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