In the 2020 – 2021 financial year CRV invested in the future

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In the 2020 – 2021 financial year CRV  invested in the future

CRV can reflect on a satisfactory 2020 – 2021 financial year. It was a year in which the organisation implemented significant changes to prepare itself for the future. The last financial year noted an increase in the turnover of €1.4 million and a modest net profit was booked. This will be added to the equity capital of the cooperative.

Year of investments

During the last financial year CRV made investments in many areas, including expanding the measuring network that collects feed efficiency data. In cooperation with other chain partners, research projects were initiated that focus on measuring the methane emissions of individual cows. In addition, two new applications - CRV Dier and CRV Bedrijf - were introduced to support farmers in their herd management. New propositions were also developed aimed at making the daily practice of herd management even easier for farmers, for instance, in the field of fertility.

‘These investments have driven the development of services and products that help farmers improve the profitability of their farms. CRV also wants to contribute to creating a better world and actively support the livestock sector in the process of increasing its sustainability’, says CEO Angus Haslett.

At the start of the new financial year in September, CRV, launched an ambitious international growth strategy for the next three years. The organisation was restructured to enable these plans to be implemented.

Excellent starting point for growth strategy

CFO Egon Verheijden is pleased with CRV's financial position at the beginning of the new financial year. ‘With an equity of €90.9 million and good solvency, the cooperative has maintained a healthy financial foundation, and CRV occupies a strong position in the Dutch and Flemish markets and in key markets elsewhere in the world’, he explains. ‘Moreover, our progressive breeding programme makes us the international leader in breeding for health and efficiency. And, most importantly, CRV is supported by a team of extremely committed and expert employees’, Verheijden adds. ‘The encouraging growth figures achieved in Brazil in the past financial year, prove that the implemented strategy has every chance of success. We will continue to expand on this in the years ahead.’

Read the full digital annual report on the CRV website.

Table 1– Key figures for the 2020-2021 financial year of Coöperatie Koninklijke CRV U.A.



number of members in the Netherlands and Flanders



number of employees



net turnover for dividend (x € 1 million)



dividend (x €1 million)



operating result (x € 1 million)



net income after tax (x € 1 million)



equity capital (x € 1 million)