CRV offers Fleckvieh breeders a diverse range of bulls

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CRV offers Fleckvieh breeders a diverse range of bulls

The April 2022 index run heralds good news for CRV's Fleckvieh bulls. Two of the top bulls from CRV’s portfolio were awarded their first rankings based on daughter data in this edition of the index run. The performance of their daughters confirms the genomic breeding values of their sires and even surpasses the expectations for certain traits. The top 100 of genomic tested bulls now includes a large cohort of CRV bulls, including two half-brothers with an outcross pedigree. Farmers who use robotic milking systems, and farmers seeking to breed polled cows are also spoilt for choice in CRV’s new offering.

First Waterkant and Zalando daughters

Waterkant (Wattking x Humpert) currently has 93 lactating daughters who confirm his status as a high milk transmitter (+1050 kg). Waterkant combines this with a beef index of 111 and his daughters are expected to have good longevity, resulting in a score of +7% CRV Efficiency. Waterkant improves the udder quality and increases the milking speed, qualities that make him ideally suited for farms that use robotic milking systems.

Waterkant (Wattking x Humpert)
Waterkant (Wattking x Humpert)

Zalando (Zepter x Mint) also saw his first daughters come into lactation. They bring his total merit index for Fleckvieh (GZW) to 126. Zalando is also a bull who improves milk production (+1052 kg) and scores +8% CRV Efficiency. He also scores +7% CRV Health and with his faultless conformation profile can easily claim to have high calibre, all-round transmitting abilities. Calves sired by Zalando will be born with ease, so he is well suited for use on maiden heifers.

Wellington, Worldcup and Pascal confirm their reputations

Wellington (Wiffzack x Watt) maintains his position as a top bull for milk production (+1406 kg) and efficiency (+ 11% CRV Efficiency) in CRV's range of daughter proven bulls as more of his daughters start to lactate. He improves the udders and passes on very good health traits. His daughters are also extremely fertile. Wellington now scores 134 GZW.

Worldcup (Wertvoll x Watt) now has more than 1500 lactating daughters, who managed to deliver a pleasant surprise. Worldcup has succeeded in improving his breeding values for traits including milk, and endorses his position as a genuine all-rounder with a combination of high index scores for milk and beef. Worldcup maintains his high performance for fitness and passes on flawless conformation. He now merits 133 GZW, +6% CRV Efficiency and +6% CRV Health.

Beere , Wordcup daughter
Beere, Wordcup daughter

Pascal also numbers more lactating daughters and their joint performance has boosted their sire's GZW score to 131. This Herzschlag son passes on +837 kg milk and +0.18% fat, while his beef index is 116. Pascal daughters mature into large, strong cows with correct legs that show improved milk production with each successive lactation (127 persistency).

Interesting range of new young bulls

In the shape of half-brothers Jedi (Jedermann x Wattking) and Joda (Jedermann x Varta), CRV can offer two new, high-scoring young bulls with an outcross pedigree. Jedi has a GZW of 143 and scores +8% CRV Efficiency and +6% CRV Health, whereas Joda rates a GZW of 138, +9% CRV Efficiency and +5% CRV Health. Both these Jedermann sons merit high index scores for milk, beef and longevity, pass on all-round conformation and are suitable for use on maiden heifers.

New names in the portfolio of genomic tested bulls are Wulan (Wrestler x Wobbler) and Zeneka (Zeiger x Wattking). With scores of 140 and 141 respectively, they score high for GWZ. Wulan has a nicely structured breeding value for production with +953 kg milk with +0.02% fat and +0.04% protein, resulting in +9% CRV Efficiency. He improves the udders and also scores +8% CRV Health thanks to figures including 121 for udder health.

Zeneka combines over 1000 kg of milk with neutral component percentages, and high expected longevity. He merits a milk index of 129 and scores +10% CRV Efficiency and +8% CRV Health. This young bull passes on good udders to his daughters and increases the milking speed.

Wide choice of polled bulls

CRV offers Fleckvieh breeders who want to introduce polledness in their breeding programme a wide choice with daughter-proven bulls such as Hongkong PP, Varox P*S and Windsor P*s and with high scoring genomic bulls such as M3 Pp. This young bull by Mercedes scores 133 GZW. He offers an attractive production breeding value of +563 kg milk with +0.10% fat and +0.12% protein and +8% CRV Efficiency. He also scores +7% CRV Health, thanks to 129 for udder health, among other traits. M3 Pp transmits an exemplary, balanced conformation pattern with outstandingly good udders. He is also ideal for farms that use robotic milking systems and for use on maiden heifers.

Gina Pp, Hongkong PP daughter
Gina Pp, Hongkong PP daughter

Meister Pp (Majestaet PP x Wobbler) is an all-round sire who combines a solid milk index (118) and beef index (113). The milk production of his daughters can be expected to increase over the lactations and they will have correct udders and legs. Meister Pp scores 128 GZW, +7% CRV Efficiency and +4% CRV Health.