CRV Fleckvieh shows strength after new index run

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Worldcup daughter Kate
Worldcup daughter Kate

The August index run shows the strength of CRV's Fleckvieh breeding programme. Established daughter-proven bulls such as Wobbler and Haribo are maintaining their figures nicely, as are widely used genomic bulls such as Wüstensohn, Warlock, Wanko, and Virginia. In addition, a number of young daughter-proven bulls are improving their breeding values as more daughter information becomes available.

Worldcup remains world class

All-rounder Worldcup (Wertvoll x Watt) managed to increase his total merit index (TMI) by 5 points to 131, partly thanks to an increase of 3 points in the milk index. His strong points remain kilos of milk, fitness, beef index, and conformation. This makes and maintains Worldcup a world class bull in terms of dual-purpose breeding for milk and beef. Worldcup scores +5% CRV Health and +5% CRV Efficiency.

Varta (Valeur x Vogt) improved his TMI by 2 points. His milk index increased by 3 points, thanks to an increase in kilos of milk. Varta also continues to distinguish himself in terms of components, beef index, and udder. Varta scores +5% CRV Efficiency and +5% CRV Health.

With a score of +9% for CRV Health, Huberus (Hubraum x Royal) classifies as a sire of problem-free Fleckvieh cows. His breeding value is now based on the performances of 753 daughters, who ensured that their sire’s TMI increased by 3 points and his beef index by 3 points. Huberus also improved in terms of kilos of milk. He achieves a score of +4% for CRV Efficiency.

Lasvegas Pp, daughter of Hongkong PP
Lasvegas Pp, daughter of Hongkong PP (owner: Mayr Josef, Uffing)

New: Hongkong PP, Hermelin and Pascal

After this index run, CRV will add six new bulls to its range.

The daughter-tested Hongkong PP (Hoffnung PS x Polarbear) is homozygous polled, which means all his calves will be born without horns. In addition, Hongkong PP excels in components (+0.09% fat and +0.03% protein), and scores +6% CRV Efficiency and +5% CRV Health. Giving birth to Hongkong PP’s calves is easy.

Another new appearance in the range of daughter-tested bulls is top production bull Hermelin (Herzschlag x Rave). He distinguishes himself with a score of +8% CRV Efficiency. In addition, Hermelin passes on super udders with excellent udder health, and he increases the milking speed.

The third new daughter-proven bull is Pascal (Herzschlag x Vanadin). He passes on +750 kg milk with +0.17% fat. Pascal also improves conformation, especially in terms of the traits frame (121), and feet and legs (115). He scores well on the beef index (118).


Genome-tested top bulls

The August 2021 index run also produced three very interesting new genome-tested bulls. Haruka (Hermelin x Wobbler) scores +11% CRV Efficiency, partly thanks to +1,080 kg milk with +0.06% fat and +0.01% protein. With +7% CRV Health, he is also one of the top bulls for breeding problem-free cows. His breeding value for udder health (120) is particularly high. Haruka is suitable for use on maiden heifers.

With scores of +10% CRV Efficiency and +5% CRV Health, Mister X (Manaus x Herzschlag) is a promising all-rounder. Mister X passes on +905 kg milk with +0.16% fat, and his late-maturing daughters will show a useful increase in production in later lactations. He is also the ideal bull to correct thick, excessively long teats.

The third young genomic bull that has been added to the range is Vivaldi (Vollendet x Haribo). He is a top-level all-rounder with scores of +9% CRV Health and +9% CRV Efficiency. Vivaldi excels in passing on milk, udder health, and udder (114) and feet and legs (112).

Mister X
Mister X

Milking behaviour breeding value

This index run further extended the number of breeding values for the Fleckvieh breed by including the breeding value ‘milking behaviour’. This is calculated on the basis of large quantities of data from Germany, Austria and the Czech Republic. It expresses the calm temperament of Fleckvieh cows, also during milking, well. Bulls from the CRV range generally score favourably on the new breeding value of milking behaviour.