CRV Fleckvieh bulls maintain their lead in health and efficiency

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Rolls (Walk x Waldbrand)
Rolls (Walk x Waldbrand)

The bulls in CRV's Fleckvieh programme have claimed leading positions in the December 2021 index run. The genomic breeding values of many of these bulls are backed up by the performance of their first lactating daughters. Popular genomic bulls have held on to their ranking in the index with a number of promising, young bulls close at their heels. This serves to confirm CRV's strong position as the leader in health and efficiency in Fleckvieh breeding.

Daughters of Wellington, Rolls and Worldcup confirm breeding values

Wellington (Wiffzack x Watt) with a total breeding value of 135 GZW is the highest ranked new bull with a merit based on daughter performance. Wellington passes on abundant milk (+1475 kg) and kilos of fat and protein (89 kg), resulting in a score of +11% CRV Efficiency. He also scores extremely well for fitness (112), including a score of 111 for daughter fertility, bringing his final score to +5% CRV Health. Wellington daughters have very good udders, and they also calve easily.

The first daughters by Rolls (Walk x Waldbrand) have also started lactating. His current score is 128 GZW including 846 kg milk and 117 fitness, which converts to +8% CRV Efficiency and +5% CRV Health. Rolls also score high for longevity (117), udder health (112), persistency (116), maternal calving process (109) and milking speed (120). All these scores underline the promise of his genomic breeding values.

Worldcup (Wertvoll x Watt) now has more than 1000 lactating daughters. He has succeeded in upholding his breeding values and endorses his position as a genuine all-rounder with a combination of high index scores for meat and beef. Worldcup remains a high achiever for fitness and passes on flawless conformation. He merits 130 GZW, +5% CRV Efficiency and +6% CRV Health.


New: Habanero, Jedi and Mister X

Two new genomic bulls from CRV entered the top ten for RZG. Habanero (Herzklopfen x Hendorf) was awarded a breeding value of 141 GZW. He scores a milk index of 134, a beef index of 110 and +11% CRV Efficiency, as well as some great breeding values for udder health, longevity and milking speed. His rating for CRV Health is +4%. Habanero transmits good udders with perfect teat placement and is a fine calving ease bull.

Newcomer Jedi (Jedermann x Wattking) also scores 141 GZW. He is turning out to be a high-calibre, all-rounder with scores including 1200 kg milk, 117 fitness, 118 longevity, 118 milking speed and 112 beef index. With his GZW score of 137, Mister X (Manaus x Herzslag) is another promising young bull. He combines +868 kg milk with +0.14% protein, has a beef index of 112 and rates +9% CRV Efficiency. Mister X also excels in the quality of the conformation his daughters inherit, with scores including 112 udder and 112 feet and legs.

Makay, Warlock and Wüstensohn maintain value

The widely used genomic bulls Makay, Warlock and Wüstensohn maintain their value as all-rounders of unparalleled quality. Makay (Malawi x Varta) scores 138 GZW, +8% CRV Health and +8% CRV Efficiency. His has a remarkably high score for udder health of 129, matched with production of +576 kg milk and +0.18% fat and +0.08% protein.

Warlock (Weissensee x Hugoboss) totals at 138 GZW with +6% CRV Health and +11% CRV Efficiency. Combined with their average stature and high longevity, Warlock daughters can look forward to a long productive life. Warlock also scores very well for udder health (113) and for total fitness. Warlock daughters will be persistent milk producers, and show increasing production as they mature over the lactations.

Wüstensohn (Wordcup x Raldi) rates 137 GZW with +6% CRV Health and +7% CRV Efficiency. He partners very correct muscularity with production of +1076 kg milk. Wüstensohn also makes a good impression with breeding values for udder quality of 114 and 122 for udder health.

The polled M3 Pp (Mercedes Pp x Equador) scores 133 GZW, +7% CRV Health and +8% CRV Efficiency. Malte PS (Mysterium Pp x Raldi) ranks 135 GZW with +9% CRV Health and +8% CRV Efficiency. Beating this performance is Motor (Manaus x Wobbler) with 136 GZW, +8% CRV Health and +10% CRV Efficiency.