CRV bulls score on production and efficiency in December index run

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Delta Dolmen - has created waves with its unprecedented production figures: around 2000 kg of milk with +0.30% fat and about +0.10% protein, resulting in 628 Inet score.
Delta Dolmen - has created waves with its unprecedented production figures: around 2000 kg of milk with +0.30% fat and about +0.10% protein, resulting in 628 Inet score.

A herd that converts feed efficiently into milk, fat and protein. All over the world, this is an essential condition to ensure the profitability of dairy farming, especially in times of high prices for milk and feed. CRV bulls enable you to breed cows that achieve high lifetime production efficiently and effortlessly, under all circumstances. The December index 2021 demonstrates this once again.

Around 2000 kg milk and 600 Inet

Two full brothers from the Dutch/Flemish breeding program - Delta Flagstone (Topstone x Relevant) and Delta Dolmen - have created waves with their unprecedented production figures. Based on the Dutch/Flemish merit index both bulls pass on around 2000 kg of milk with +0.30% fat and about +0.10% protein, resulting in 598 and 628 Inet scores respectively. They combine this with high longevity, functional conformation and positive health traits. Unfortunately, Flagstone and Dolmen are not yet available.

But, the popular Delta Endless Rf (Jacuzzi x Finder) is available. He maintains his high production breeding value (based on the Dutch index) of 1155 kg of milk with +0.73% fat and +0.19% protein and 516 Inet, and high feed efficiency (107) which results in a score of +15% CRV Efficiency. Endless is also one of the highest ranked bulls for health traits with a score of +9% CRV Health. This is a logical score as it takes healthy cows to produce milk efficiently. With 109 for maternal calving ease, this Jacuzzi son is also very suitable for use on heifers.

Fair Play P has it all

Another newcomer in CRV's offering is Delta Liberate (Gigantix x Rush Hour), who is from the Peeldijker Liesje cow family. He transmits +1727 kg milk with +0.22% fat and +0.25% protein (583 Inet and +13% CRV Efficiency) with a score of 107 for claw health.

A bull that many have been keenly anticipating is Delta Fair Play P. This son by Woody has all that farmers want. He passes on almost 1500 kg of milk with +0.18% fat and +0.14% protein (+13% CRV Efficiency), 108 udder health and 106 claw health. Scoring a total of 111, he is a champion in passing on super conformation and is heterozygous polled.

Delta Fair Play
Delta Fair Play

Remedy for unbeatable conformation

CRV's wide range has something for everyone, including farmers looking for distinctive qualities. The proof is found in Delta Remedy (an Abundant son from the Skalsumer Pietje cow family). With scores including 112 udder, 111 legs and 115 total score, he ranks among the absolute top for conformation. He also passes on the A2A2 variant of beta casein protein.

Castor and Magnet confirm genomic breeding values

Delta Castor (Barcley x Atlantic) makes another appearance on the CRV bull chart as a daughter-proven bull with 89% reliability. He confirms his genomic breeding values by combining +1320 kg milk with +0.21% protein, scores 389 Inet and +12% CRV Efficiency. The first daughters of Delta Magnet (Galore x Titanium) underline their sire's status as an amazing milk production transmitter. He scores no less than +2440 kg milk.

Delta Laure 5 (Cascor)
Delta Laure 5 (Cascor)

Red-and-white Freestyle and Cartoon P high on RZG rankings

Delta Taskforce P (Jacko PP x Esperanto) holds onto his position as the top bull in the red-and-white segment. The all-rounder of unparalleled, high level quality combines +1270 kg milk with +0.10 % protein, 353 Inet and +12% CRV Efficiency (Dutch-based). But he is also the highest rated available bull for health traits with +9% CRV Health thanks to scores including 107 udder health, 107 daughter fertility and 108 claw health. In addition, he scores 112 udder, 110 feet and legs and 112 for total conformation. The almost 800 days extra longevity are also an added benefit, with the bonus of Taskforce being a polled, calving ease bull.

The young bulls Freestyle and Cartoon P have high NVI scores and also rank high in the German RZG index. Poppe Freestyle (Gywer x Born P) scores 164 RZG. He will produce cows with high production of kilograms of fat and protein and guarantees efficient conversion of feed into milk. Freestyle daughters will mature into large, open-framed dairy cows with fantastic udders.

The polled Delta Cartoon P will also give you a highly productive herd. He scores 163 RZG and combines plenty of milk with positive scores for components. This descendant of the renowned Caudumer Lol family shows an exceptional udder inheritance pattern and is an ideal calving ease bull.

New in CRV's red-and-white portfolio are Delta Oneliner and Delta Steam PP. Delta Oneliner (Mauro x Anreli) shows a balanced production profile with +1437 kg milk with +0.19% fat and +0.19% protein, leading to scores of 483 Inet and +11% CRV Efficiency. Oneliner will also pass on good, functional conformation with 107 udder and 107 feet and legs.

The homozygous polled Delta Steam PP (Abundant P x Handy P) also partners lots of milk (+1012 kg) with fat (+0.13%) and protein (+0.14%), as well as standing out for improving udders with 115 udder and 110 total conformation. Steam also offers some extra bonuses to red-and-white breeding selections through his good health trait scores (107 udder health, 109 daughter fertility and +8% CRV Health).

Jacuzzi gains points thanks to his daughters

Delta Jacuzzi now has more than 700 lactating daughters in the Netherlands and Flanders. The reactions of farmers are enthusiastic and his daughters have boosted their sire's breeding value score for conformation by two points. Jacuzzi also rises by almost 240 kg milk (currently +1082 kg) and €14 Inet to 445 Inet. Rating +14% CRV Efficiency, he chalks up an unrivalled high score for a daughter-proven bull. Jacuzzi also climbs a point for CRV Health with a score that now stands at +6%. Among the daughter-proven bulls, Jacuzzi heads the rankings for NVI while his merit of 144 RZG in Germany makes him the second highest bull based on these calculations.

Wilskracht Warsi 1112 (Jacuzzi)
Wilskracht Warsi 1112 (Jacuzzi)

Fugleman scores on TPI and internationally

A product of CRV's American TPI programme, Peak Fugleman (Altazazzle x Positive) is making a great impression in the international arena. With 3008 gTPI he is not only scoring extremely well in the United States, but with 219 ISU he also occupies third place in France, comes in number four in Scandinavia with 39 NTM and is number 37 in Spain with 5116 ICO. Fugleman is exclusively available within the Create programme to farmers who have an agreement with CRV to buy back the top ranked bull and heifer calves.

Data collected from 127 new daughters was added to the breeding value of Peak Langley (Hotline x Delta). On the basis of 186 daughters, he now scores 2711 TPI. Langley excels in his ability to pass on high production with 1200 PTA milk and good component percentages. He maintains his breeding values for conformation very well.

Five promising new TPI bulls

This index run also yielded five very interesting new bulls from the TPI programme. Pine-Tree Yamcha (Heroic x Medley) achieves 2930 gTPI and shows an all-round profile that includes 1000 PTA milk and high breeding values for productive life, udders and feet and legs. He is also a calving ease sire. Another new name is Peak Curveball (Fastball x Altatopshot) with 2930 gTPI. He stands for efficient milk production and good conformation. The distinctive value of Peak Eckerton (Fallout x Marius, 2901 g TPI) is his specialism in components and the good udders of his daughters. Heidifarm Collector (Altaplinko x Frazzled, 2901 gTPI) is a fabulous bull for commercial dairy farmers. He represents 1500 PTA milk, 6.7 productive life and cows with balance. Fustyn Parker (Parfect x Brass) is a young bull who is as yet unavailable, but making a promising debut. He has an all-round profile with solid production and very good conformation scores (2.59 PTAT, 2.36 UDC and 1.66 FLC). Parker merits 2989 gTPI.