CRV bulls provide a firm basis for an efficient and sustainable herd

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Weelder Esperanto
Weelder Esperanto

Around the world, the same rule applies wherever dairy farmers are active: cows that efficiently achieve high lifetime production without problems are the bedrock of profitable dairy farming. CRV helps farmers build a herd with consistently high yields, as the August 2022 index run has once again shown. With their high all-round breeding values for efficiency, health and longevity, bulls from the CRV breeding programme maintain or conquer top positions. Thanks to a feed efficiency breeding value based on measured feed intake in practice, CRV also offers farmers a unique tool to further increase the efficiency of milk production.

5% more milk from feed

Weelder Esperanto, the influential bull sire in the CRV breeding programme, did extremely well in this index run. Following the addition of more information about his daughters, his breeding values increased even further. Esperanto now scores 318 on Inet (Net Milk Revenue Index), and shines in terms of health traits. With 110 for udders and 110 for feet and legs, he is also a top conformation progenitor. Based on feed intake data from 69 daughters, Esperanto’s breeding value for feed efficiency scores 110. This means that his daughters produce 5% more milk from the same amount of feed.

The first daughters of Midwolder Martin confirm his high genomic breeding values for milk yields and longevity. He also won another 2 points on feet and legs (109) and 1 point on hoof health (108). Martin is a complete bull with high conformation breeding values and positive scores on all health traits.

This bull is a perfect partner for the many daughters of Double W Ranger, which are pleasing dairy farmers with their milk yields. With almost 30,000 daughters in his breeding value, Ranger managed to increase his score on NVI and Inet, mainly because of even higher components. In terms of longevity, he made an attractive gain of more than 40 days.

Flagstone passes on milk and components.

The highest scoring black-and-white bull at the moment is Delta Encourage. He debuts with incredible genomic breeding values for production and longevity, leapfrogging former frontrunner Delta Warren P who maintains his second place.

No semen is available from Encourage or Warren P yet, unlike Delta Flagstone, which is widely available. Just like his full brother Delta Dolmen, he maintains his position at the top of the ranking with a unique combination of high milk yields and component percentages, excellent longevity and all-round conformation. On feed efficiency, Flagstone and Dolmen both score 109.

Siemers Tictoc
Siemers Tictoc

All-round bulls from the TPI programme

There are also several bulls with high breeding values for feed efficiency from CRV’s TPI breeding programme, such as Siemers Tictoc which scores 110 for this trait. He passes on excellent production, with 1,157 NM$ and +18% CRV Efficiency. Tictoc currently scores 3078 TPI.

An interesting new all-round bull is Ladys-Manor Tides-Out. He scores 2983 TPI and 828 NM$ with a combination of a good volume of milk and positive components, good health traits and 2.19 PTAT. Tides-Out scores 110 for breeding value feed efficiency.

Fustsyn Parker is a very complete bull, thanks to a combination of 1306 lbs milk with +0.12% fat and +0.06% protein, 2.77 PTAT, and good health traits. Parker comes in at 912 NM$, 3012 TPI and 106 feed efficiency. Siemers Orono does well in milk and components, with +1426 lbs milk and +0.10% fat and +0.07% protein. He scores 904 NM$, 3008 TPI and 2.29 PTAT.

Based on the performance of 600 daughters on 90 farms, Peak Lukaku currently exhibits a production inheritance of 1065 lbs of milk with positive components and 2717 TPI. Lukaku is another excellent choice for farmers interested in the efficient conversion of feed into milk. He scores +16% CRV Efficiency and a breeding value of 108 feed efficiency.

Polled portfolio reinforced

A new leader has emerged among red-and-white bulls. Delta Borax passes on excellent production traits, with good all-round health traits, 741 days longevity and 110 total conformation. No semen is available from Borax at the moment, but his sire Poppe Freestyle is widely available. This bull delivers a combination of a high production of 1891 kg of milk, with a high longevity of 512 days and a good feed efficiency of 106.

Delta Emoji P is the fourth son of super bull dam Caudumer Lol 422 PP that CRV has included in its range. The heterozygote polled Emoji is a symbol of rich milk, fertility, functional conformation, and longevity. An interesting new homozygote polled bull is Delta Positron PP. He passes on 1246 kg milk and +0.28% fat and +0.27% protein and has A2A2 for beta casein, among other qualities.

Poppe Freestyle
Poppe Freestyle

Firestone with 826 days of longevity

Delta Firestone has also been added to the range. His dam is a half-sister of Emoji. Firestone passes on 500 euro Inet thanks to more than 1300 kg milk with +0.39% fat and +0.23% protein combined with 108 total conformation. With a breeding value of +826 days, he is one of the highest bulls available in terms of longevity.

Jacuzzi again exceeds 500 euros Inet mark

Over the past months, 500 first-lactation heifers from the red-and-white standard-bearer Delta Jacuzzi started producing milk, bringing the total number of daughters in his breeding value to almost 2,000. They give their sire a remarkable profit on milk, as well as fat and protein percentages. As a result, his Inet has increased by 48 euros, and is once again well above 500 euros. Jacuzzi’s conformation also improved by one point. With a breeding value of 108, he has one of the highest feed efficiency scores among red-and-white bulls