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CRV Tropical breeds

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Very fertile and efficient with a good milk production

  • Great representatives of productive genetic potential
  • Market leader in Gir Leiteiro
  • Functionality in tropical breeds

CRV Tropical breeds

CRV has a breeding program for tropical breeds. These breeds can adapt well to the high temperatures of tropical countries.

The Nelore breed is known for its excellent muscle coverage and precocity. The females have great maternal ability, exceptional ease of calving and wean their young with 10% of their body weight.

When it comes to genetic improvement of the Nellore breed, we work with most modern, evaluated, and proven tools. That is why we are proud to communicate to all our partners that with CRV the success of the genetic improvement of your Nellore herd is guaranteed.

Zebu milk - productive genetic potential

Our battery of Zebu Milk has great representatives of productive genetic potential of the breeds Gir Leiteiro, Gir Leiteiro Mocho, Girolando 3/4, Girolando 5/8, Girolando PS and Guzerá Leiteiro.

CRV authority in Gir Leiteiro

In addition, CRV is authority in Gir Leiteiro, as it is present in the genetics of 80% of the Brazilian herd of this breed. Our battery of Zebu Milk is made up of breeders that guarantee the efficiency and production that every milk producer needs.

Girolando: a versatile and adaptable breed

The Girolando is a breed developed in Brazil, through the cross between Holstein and Gir Leiteiro breeds.

Guzerá Leitero: dual purpose breed

This breed is known for its high adaptability to tropical circumstances, but also their capability to fast recovery after long periods of drought. CRV offers bulls with a high genetic value, to breed cows with good temperament which are able to produce milk in the most extreme climates. From dry deserts to areas known for extreme levels of humidity.

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