Central Europe

Central Europe

Market Central Europe

    Market Luxembourg

    Genlux s.a.r.l.
    3-5, Rue de l’école agricole – Centre J.F. Kennedy
    L-9016 Ettelbruck
    Phone: +352 26811351
    Fax: +352 26811352
    CRV Export: sales@crv4all.com
    Website: www.genlux.lu

    Market Germany

    CRV Germany has over 120 employees and was founded in 2000. The insemination centre Maggle in Wasserburg provides semen for the German market and other markets around the world.

    CRV GmbH
    Osterdammer Strasse 47
    49401 Damme
    Phone: +49 54 91 999 79 0
    Fax: +49 54 91 999 79 10
    E-mail: info@crv4all.de
    Website: www.crv4all.de

    Market Spain

    CRV Genetics España S.L.

    Oro, 32 – Nave 14 Pol. Ind. Sur
    28770 – Colmenar Viejo- MADRID
    Phone: +34 91 8034279
    Fax: +34 91 8035271
    E-mail: crvinfo@crv4all.es
    Website: www.crv4all.es

    Market United Kingdom

    CRV United Kingdom

    Burgage Lodge
    1st Floor Rear Suite
    184 Franche Road
    DY11 5 AD
    United Kingdom
    Phone: +44 1562 861582
    E-mail: info@crv4all.co.uk
    Website: www.crv4all.co.uk

    Market Czech Republic

    CRV is the biggest cattle breeding company in the Czech Republic and is active throughout the whole country. Besides the top gentics from dairy, dual puprose and beef breeds CRV also offers solution for herd management, heat detection and health monitoring and reproduction advisory.

    CRV Czech Republic, spol. s r.o.
    č.p. 420
    281 44 Zásmuky
    Czech Republic
    Phone:+ 318 864 117
    E-mail: info@crvcz.cz
    Website: www.crvcz.cz
    (postal address: CRV Czech Republic, spol. s r.o., Plemenářská stanice 420, 281 44 Zásmuky, The Czech Republic)