Our vision of the future

Feeding the world responsibly
CRV - Our vision of the future

We have been improving herds since 1874. We do this by supporting our members and customers with proven genetics and data solutions and services. With our help, farmers produce healthier and more efficient cows every day. The healthier and more efficient their cows are, the better their operating results. But the results are also better for cows and the environment.

We will continue innovating so we can feed the world in 2050

We feel responsible for future generations

The world is changing, and we are changing with it. To be able to feed the world’s population in 2050, food production must increase worldwide. This is something we are happy to contribute to. But naturally in a sustainable and socially responsible way. To facilitate higher food production, we invest in even better quality genetics, data and technology solutions. Supported by first class service provision. In our efforts, we focus on more efficient use of natural resources and minimising our environmental impact to protect the planet. For the generations of today and tomorrow.

We continue to provide farmers worldwide with added value through proven improvements. Our collective contribution to feeding the world responsibly.


We feel responsible for future generations