CRV bulls confirm the reliability and value of innovation

CRV bulls confirm the reliability and value of innovation

2024 marks the 150th anniversary of Coöperatieve Rundveeverbetering (CRV). During that century and a half, reliable figures and innovation have led to significant progress in breeding being achieved by Dutch and Flemish dairy farmers.

In the first proof run of the anniversary year, through their daughters’ performance, CRV bulls once again confirm their genomic breeding values and therefore the value of the reliable CRV breeding programme. In this proof run, early commitment to new developments translates into a flow of interesting new polled bulls and bulls for the FeedExcel breeding strategy.

Qualities of Endless embraced early on

The qualities of Delta Endless RF (Jacuzzi x Finder) were embraced early on by many dairy farmers. His first daughter proven breeding value is therefore also based on the performance of almost 500 daughters. They confirm their sire’s qualities as a high component bull with +0.83% fat and +0.18% protein and feet and leg specialist with a score of 110 for feet and legs.

Delta Endless RF
Delta Endless RF

Delta Amuse (Frontline x Inductor) was also graduated as daughter proven sire. He is proving himself as a high production transmitter with +2,259 kgs milk and +131 kilograms of fat and protein . His daughters are well balanced, cows with good udder and strong feet and legs. Amuse has the unique aAa code 513.

Delta Tornado (Skywalker x Esperanto) and Bush-Bros Fragrant (Altacabot x Frazzled) also have their first daughter information coming in confirming their genomic breeding values. Tornado sires high milk production (+1,675 kg), long lifespan (597 days) and healthy hooves (106). Daughters of Fragrant have high components and top udders and are extremely healthy with +8% CRV Health with 106 hoof health and 104 daughter fertility.

Willem’s-Hoeve Woody (Ranger x Jetset) increased his number of milking daughters to almost 2,000 which results in a breeding value of more than +2,200 kgs of milk and a production index of 557 Inet. His production qualities and his overall complete profile allow him to compete with the top genomic bulls. Woody also ranks very well in Germany with 147 RZG and in Spain where he has an index of 1,281 ICO. With a feed efficiency score of 111, Woody is a bull that fits very well into CRV’s FeedExcel strategy for breeding herds that produce more milk with the same amount of feed.

Wonderful P new conformation winner

Delta Boyan leads the black-and-white ranking with his genomic breeding values, he is a grandson of Endless RF, sired by FeedExcel bull Warren P RF. He makes his debut with fantastic breeding values for production (+1,627 kg of milk with +0.36% fat and +0.18% protein), udder health (111), hoof health (111) and feed efficiency (111), but is not yet available.

Another high-ranking Warren son, Delta Statement RF, will now be available through the Create programme.

Top type transmitter Delta Wonderful P RF (Taskforce P x Woody, from the Larcrest Juror Chanel family) is new to the range. He scores 110 udder, 112 feet and legs and 113 total conformation and, in addition, sires high components, polledness and the red factor.

In Italy, with 5,131 PFT, Delta Morgan (Gladius x Louxor) surpasses all European bulls, including the Italian bulls. Morgan is a FeedExcel bull with very high production siring of almost 2,000 kg of milk with +0.04% fat and +0.13% protein. He combines the high milk yield with very strong attached and shallow udders.

Freestyle scores internationally

Red-and-white Holstein bull, Poppe Freestyle (Gywer RF x Born P) - internationally one of CRV’s best-selling bulls - received his first breeding value based on daughter performance. Freestyle sires almost 2,000 kg of milk, 119 kg fat and protein and has all-round good health traits. With an outcross pedigree , he can be widely used. Freestyle is the highest ranking daughter proven bull in Germany, with an RZG of 148., Freestyle son Delta Borax maintains his position at the top of the NVI ranking for genomic bulls. He is a bull that fits perfectly into the FeedExcel breeding strategy.

Poppe Freestyle
Poppe Freestyle

Following in the wake of the newcomers, Drouner Altitude (Jacuzzi x Charley) maintains an excellent position. He has significantly improved his complete production breeding value and now scores +867 kg milk with +0.26% fat and +0.10% protein. He also sires 111 udder and 110 total conformation.

New genomic bulls for polledness

The NVI ranking of red-and-white genomic bulls has a very interesting new breed leader from CRV’s breeding programme. Delta Cream P (Goldline x Nominator) sires extreme components (+0.86% fat and +0.32% protein), 112 udder health and 112 hoof health. His semen isn’t available as yet, but it is expected to be released fairly soon.

Newly available is the homozygote polled bull Delta Holger PP (Candyman P RF x Jaffa P). He is a true component improver with +0.39% fat and +0.24% protein and more than 800 kg of milk, he achieves a good all-round score for health and management traits with flawless linear traits.

Another polled newcomer is Broekhuizen Peter P (Panorama PP x Eloy RF). He sires more than 1,100 kg of milk with a good score for protein, 108 udder, 110 feet and legs and 112 conformation. His daughters will grow into wide, strong and deep bodied and healthy cows.

With Delta Volkmar PP, Delta Tycho PP and Delta Landmark PP, CRV now has three black-and-white bulls in the top 15 homozygote polled bulls, ranked for the German RZG index. In the top 15 red-and-white PP bulls, there are four bulls from CRV’s breeding programme: Delta Fomo PP, Delta Fitter PP, Delta Pentagon PP and Delta Scrambler PP.

TPI winners for commercial dairy farmers

After this index run, Peak Mecanico, from CRV’s American breeding programme, remains the number 1 NTM bull in Scandinavia.

Peak Mecanico
Peak Mecanico

With Pine-Tree Engineer (I-Pursuit x Prophecy) and Peak Upswing (I-Pursuit x Duke), there are now two daughter proven bulls from CRV’s American breeding programme in the top 100 TPI. Engineer scores 2,965 TPI and sires high milk production with high fat and protein components. He also scores excellent in lifespan with 6.1 PL. His strong-built daughters have an average stature.

Based on his daughters’ performance, Upswing now has a TPI score of 2,927. He has increased the component score and is a top conformation bull with 1.70 PTAT. Engineer and Upswing are both A2A2 bulls.

In the list of bulls with high genomic breeding values, Peak Anvil (Maveric x Wheelhouse) is a striking presence. He scores very high with 3,196 TPI and 1,152 NM$. Anvil sires high milk production (1,616 lbs) and scores 231 CFP. His daughters will grow into strong cows with fantastic udders (2.23 UDC), with slightly longer teats.

Peak Mystical (Mainstream x Moonrise) is a beautiful bull for dairy farmers who wish to earn money. His inheritance pattern demonstrates long-living high-yielding cows with 1,353 lbs of milk and 207 CFP and 6.2 PL. Mystical sires an average stature and scores 3,106 TPI and 1,323 NM$.

Aot Howzer (Grandmaster x Austad) is a FeedExcel bull, which means his daughters produce more milk from the same amount of feed than daughters of an average bull. He sires perfect rump structures and excels in daughter fertility with +0.8 DPR and +2.5 CCR. Howzer scores 3,018 TPI and 1,053 NM$ and has a unique outcross pedigree. He can therefore be widely used.

Bomaz Carisma RC (Fugleman x Rubels Red) is an all-round FeedExcel bull with the red factor. He scores 3,009 TPI and 1,004 NM$. Carisma sires 1,519 lbs of milk with +0.14% fat and +0.08% protein. His conformation report reveals flawless linear traits with, in particular, remarkable udder traits. He scores 1.87 UDC and 1.88 PTAT.

Fobe-Acres Calvin P (Parfect x Mighty P) sires a unique combination of being polled, solid production (1,211 lbs of milk) and conformation (1.63 PTAT). His daughters will have firmly, high and wide attached udders with slightly longer teats. Calvin P hails from the famous Cookiecutter Halo family.

A decrease in breeding values through a base adjustment

This proof run, the NVI breeding values of all bulls have decreased as a result of the annual base adjustment. The base adjustment is the same for all bulls and therefore has no effect on the ranking. The for NVI and Inet as shown in the publications are based on a comparison with a ‘shadow run’ in which the base adjustment were applied to the December results. These changes therefore reflect the actual changes in breeding values.