CRV CREATE: Frequently Asked Questions (English)

  • What breeds will be offered in the CRV CREATE program?

CRV will offer sires of sons in both Holstein and Jersey through the CREATE program. Availability of each sire will be limited due to availability and production.

  • How often are CREATE sires released? How long will they be in the program?

CREATE sires are released as they have units available. They will be in the program as long as CRV designates them as a CREATE sire.

  • Why is CRV requiring a signed agreement for this program?

CRV is requiring a signed agreement for access to CREATE sires because we believe these sires are the future of their respective breeds. With them being used by CRV as a ‘sire of sons’ CRV would normally restrict their early use for making future sires only. Signing the CREATE agreement allows you exclusive access to these sires before they are commercially available, and the terms of use are a win-win for you, and for CRV.

  • Which sires are in the CRV CREATE program, and where can I find this information?

All sires in the CREATE program are designated so in the catalog, and on our website. On our website we also feature when the sire starts in the program, and when the sire’s last calf is eligible for the program incentives.

  • What restrictions will be set upon the units, embryos, and offspring? What other restrictions are there?

Details related to the semen, embryos, and offspring are spelled out in the CREATE agreement. Once you are pre approved, we will send you the agreement for you to review. You can also contact CRV directly.

  • How do I genomic test the offspring and what are the costs?

This is different for each herd, and for males and females. If it is a female, feel free to work with your CRV representative on getting her tested. If it is a male, please email us at and a member of our product development team will get back to you. Additional details are in your stated in your CREATE agreement.

  • Once enrolled in the CREATE program, am I guaranteed to get semen on the CREATE sires that I want?

Your access to your selected CREATE sires just got one step easier, but it is still limited upon the bulls availability to produce the necessary units. You are granted our highest access level and will work with you when units are available. Your CRV representative will work with you on this and they will coordinate with CRV's production teams to know the best steps to proceed.

  • How long is the duration of the CREATE program?

The duration of the agreement is stated in the contract. It starts on the day you sign the agreement, and if you or CRV decide to end the agreement, then the duration of the agreement is until the last calf is born from the units purchased while the bull was enrolled in CREATE. If you have other questions related to this feel free to ask your CRV representative, or you can also contact CRV directly.

  • How much will I pay per unit of semen?

Pricing is determined around demand and availability. Your CRV representative will be best suited to answer this question.

  • How do I enroll?

To enroll, please contact CRV directly and we will follow up with you.

  • How will I get the semen?

Your CRV representative will be able to work with you. Depending on your situation it might be shipped directly from distribution, or your representative might be able to drop it off. Each situation is different, and we will work with you to make sure you are aware of your orders status, and you receive it in a timely fashion.