Здоровье копыт

Здоровье копыт

Выше продуктивность, меньше проблем
  • Улучшенное потребление корма
  • Лучше фертильность
  • Меньше затрат на лечение

Здоровье копыт

Жизнеспособное стадо - основа высокой молочной продуктивности и долголетия. Коровы со здоровыми копытами производят больше и требуют меньше заботы. Хромота - одна из важнейших причин выбраковки, ведь значительная часть коров страдает как минимум одним из списка заболеваний копыт в своей жизни.

Улучшение здоровья копыт окупается моментально: здоровые коровы имеют хорошее самочувствие, благодаря чему они производят больше и доставляют меньше хлопот. Здоровье копыт приводит к увеличению продуктивного долголетия, улучшенному потреблению корма, высокой фертильности и меньшим затратам на лечение.

'В течение многих лет мы уделяли пристальное внимания не только производственным характеристикам, но и характеристикам здоровья. Сейчас это окупается.'
Кейс Симонс, молочный фермер из Стинберген, Нидерланды

CRV- лидер по здоровью копыт

CRV is leading in hoof health by offering several solutions for enhanced hoof health. Thanks to the high volume of data collected by Dutch and Flemish farmers (with the DigiKlauw programme), CRV offers the most accurate and reliable indexes and breeding values for hoof health in the world.

CRV offers several solutions:

  • Top ranking sires of various breeds that inherit healthy hooves
  • CrossFit is CRV’s crossbreeding concept that excels in health and ease
  • Sire advice programme SireMatch to breed for cows with healthier hooves
  • Genomic herd management solution HerdOptimizerthat makes managing your herd easy and gives the opportunity to select the animals with the highest genetic level for hoof health

Hoof health explained

Breeding for improved hoof health

Since there are so many hoof disorders, the CRV Hoof Health index was developed to assist in breeding a cow that is less susceptible to all hoof disorders. This makes it easier to make a selection based on hoof health.

Hoof health

Hoof health proven in practice

Practical research was performed among 100,490 cow sat 900 farms*. It appeared that the 25% best cows for CRV Health had 15% less hoof disorders and less costs associated with hoof diseases, lower production and veterinary care. The best cows also had a significantly higher genetic level for Hoof Health and CRV Health. Breeding for Hoof Health thus pays off in practice!

Hoof health

CRV hoof health facts

  • CRV already collects since the 2000’s real hoof health data from Dutch and Flemish dairy farmers in cooperation with specialized hoof trimmers (DigiClaw program)
  • CRV has a database with more than 1.5 million hoof health related records
  • CRV was one of the first in the world to make it able to breed on hoof health
  • CRV’s hoof health index takes the most important hoof disorders and feet and leg conformation traits into account
  • This breeding effort resulted in a reduction of hoof disorders of 21% since 2007 in the Netherlands and Flanders
  • CRV sires are world leading in hoof health as shown in the genetic trend for this index
  • Hoof health is part of the CRV Health index, a unique index to breed for cows that are easy to manage and produce without problems
Performance in
lactations 1-3
Hoof disorders
(all) (%)
dermatitis (%)
dermatitis (%)
per cow
Hoof disorders€28.60€20.60€7.9928%

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