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In the heart of Alma, Ontario, Jen and Theo Van der Meulen, the proud owners of Van der Meulen Dairy, are on a mission to enhance their herd's genetic foundation. With a focus on quality over quantity, the herd of 315 cows produces an impressive average of 35 liters per day, boasting 4.4% fat and 3.45% protein.

The duo prioritizes traits such as hoof health and udder health, while aiming for longevity in the herd due to potential integration of robotics in the future. Bulls are carefully chosen to complement the quota system, emphasizing high fat content for maximum butterfat yield with fewer cows.

For over 12-13 years, the Van der Meulens have partnered with CRV and Sales Representative Pieter Schuurmans. Supported by a robust relationship spanning 15 to 20 years, CRV supplies the operation with genetics from Holland to achieve higher components, smaller stature, and overall efficiency.

Jen Van der Meulen shares, "Our goal is a more consistent herd. We've achieved longevity, selling fresh heifers for the first time. With CRV, we're selecting and evolving, maintaining a strong and fruitful relationship for the future."

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